Interview with the Chief Operating Officer of Silicon Season - IT Business Development in Middle East and South East Asia

EDiBMA: Thank you Mr. Ram, Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Silicon Season, for accepting our invitation.  Please share with us how you see the IT world developing in the Middle East and South East Asia? 

Middle East - Large Corporations are upgrading their IT eco-system, where the business throngs more in SME sector.  With IT as the back support Nationalisation programs are taking a new shape.  The Middle East is considering IT as one of the main sectors which is helping them to come out of their Oil dependancy.

South East Asia - Large Scale ICT developments, E-Governance programs, re-branding of their economies in terms of prosperity is achieved through IT developments.

EDiBMA: You have been serving at CEO, CXO levels and participated in the advisory boards of several companies and fly regularly between India, Saudi-Arabia and Brunei to mention a few.  How do you see the region's economic development in the next years to come?  

Saudi Arabia till 2027, and Brunei till 2035 its promising.  According to me Global Economy is thriving in these regions.

EDiBMA: Why did you decide to join our association?  Do you believe there is much commerce potential between your region and Europe?  Is that potential fully explored in your opinion?

I pretty much know that there are lot of business houses in India who are looking to set their base in Europe either thru Partnerships / Collaborations / M&A.  Similarly lots of European quality products, R&D houses look for market penetration in the Indian Market.  This logic is applicable for Saudi Arabian and Brunei markets as well.  We are willing to help & support European companies/businesses who look forward to do business in India, Saudi Arabia and Brunei.

EDiBMA: Let's speak about the cultural and business habits differences.  What would you recommend to the European executives coming to do business in your region?  What are the common mistakes many businessmen could make due to the lack of cultural knowledges?

Regional cultural knowledge & know how is pretty much important if you want to establish your business, gain control over the market, sustain the hard created brand awarness and increase profitability.

India - every district under any single state, the local culture, people's mentality, food habits, buyer/consumer psychology, life style, psychology all are different. 

Any company who is looking forward for Indian penetration if they fail to understand these changes, drown in failure.  A srilankan or Maldives experience will not be of any good help while launching any new product into Indian market, since these changes will have a deep impact on the consumer mind.  The same logic is applicable for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as well.

EDiBMA: What are your biggest personal challenges while serving at the leadership positions?

Life - Work Balancing, remote managing family needs to name a few..

EDiBMA: What question would you like to ask to your European peers and counterparts?  We can ask this to our next Guest joining our interview!

How do you manage your business growth at the time of a global downturn like now?

EDiBMA: Thank you for your participation - we were honored to have you with us.