Every businessman and businesswoman needs to tackle multiple challenges. How to bring value to your stakeholders? How to develop a meaningful, enjoyable and challenging career path?

Our life and business environments are evolving rapidly. In order to reach out to the next level you might consider reading a book for learning. Imagine if you could discuss with the author and ask his or her specific advice in your case! That is the power behind mentoring! It is an interactive dialogue with a top notch talent knowledgeable in your domain.


How it works?

  • Chairman will match the Mentor & Mentee, then he will confirm that both are willing to start the mentoring relationship. Contact details are exchanged.
  • The Mentee submits an invitation for the first meeting. The mentee should prepare a very precise and short end-goal answering the question: "how the success looks like".


  • Introduction & backgrounds. Starting to build a trustful mentoring relationship.
  • Agree on the confidentiality, meeting frequency and method (phone / face to face / ..).
  • Discuss the goals and how the success looks like. What are the most important things you want to achieve with this relationship?
  • Discuss on the resources available (time of both parties, knowledge and experience to reach the mentoring goals & objectives).
  • Solidify the topic and end-goal to be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time-bound).
  • Set agenda and date/time for the next meeting.


  • Summarize the previous meeting outcomes and agenda.
  • Discuss options and paths towards the end goal, brainstorm ideas, solicit experiences & stories out of ones experience, align on a possible solution.
  • Accountability - how can you both monitor the progress and hold mentee on track to success?  What are the boundaries of the confidentiality?
  • Ask yourself the question if the mentoring is advancing well or if you need to realign your goal or the coaching / working relationship (i.e. is a face to face meeting may be possible or are any other adjustments needed).
  • Do you progress well?  Did you already achieve the mentoring relationship end goal?
  • Plan the agenda for the next meeting(s) and fix date & time.  Discuss feedbacks and thoughts from both parties.


  • Last meeting should be dedicated to wrap up the outcomes, feelings and experiences
  • Please submit a short email to the Chairman of your experiences so a follow-up is possible (and also further advice if needed in other business domains)